Learning never stops at Jumping Joys International Preschool.  Raise your child at the safety and comfort of your home without missing the school.

Start accessing our complete Preschool program from home till the Preschool reopens at Rajkot with guided hands-on activities at home from us with our Jumping Joys Home-Schooling Program, with academic powered by Bright Kid Montessori House – Ranked # 1 in Innovative Teaching and winner of many National Awards along with 3 Best rated Montessori preschool in Rajkot.

Features of  Jumping Joys Home Schooling Program

Minds on Part – Online Learning & Support Program

  1. Video lessons & Quizzes
  2. Day to day planner
  3. Bright Giffy – Interactive Smart Classes Activities
  4. Birla Mobile App – Anytime – Anywhere Teacher
  5. 1 to 2 – Teacher, Kid and Parent Interactions classes
  6. Circle time for Students
  7. Webinar Events for Students
  8. Parents Connect – Live Webinar
  9. Parent Virtual Support Program app – BC2P
  10. Parents Direct outreach support– School Premises

Hands On – Smart Book Kit

  1. Book
  2. Printed Worksheet
  3. Note Books
  4. Colouring Books
  5. Smart Charts (including GK topics)
  6. DIY Charts

Here is the video to highlights the program with our academic partner Bright Kid Montessori House

The following are the details of enrollment and schedule for the Jumping Joys Homeschooling Program.

  • The program is starting from 8th June 2020.
  • Once the admission confirmed for Jumping Joys Homeschooling Program, we will be activating access to our virtual learning classroom as per schedule.
  • There will be a separate session for Parents in the beginning for assisting them to complete necessary setups and getting access to our resources.

We have moduled our yearly plan for your children’s as follows,

1st Module – June 20 to August 2020

  • Enrollment to Jumping Joys Homeschooling Program as well as book kit & printable supplies from school premises.

2nd Module – September 20 to November 20

3rd Module – December 20 to March 20

  • 2nd & 3rd stage will have a continuation of Jumping Joys Homeschooling Program as well as
  • Based on guidelines of government opening of physical classes with a limited number of students per session maintaining all safety and hygiene measures.

Enrollment Fees

  • Enroll your kids for the 1st module for June 2020 to August 2020 session with an enrollment amount of Rs.5500/- only.
  • This will include the 1st stage of Jumping Joys Homeschooling Program along with book kit and printable supply from school premises.
  • The Jumping Joys Homeschooling Program is starting from 08th June 2020.

Kindly confirm your admission by visiting our school premises from Monday to Friday, from 25th May 2020, 10.00 am to 12:30 pm. Before visiting school premises, kindly reserve your visit time to help us to plan the social distancing norms.

Kindly reach us or WhatsApp (Say Hi) us for any queries related to admission and Jumping Joys Homeschooling Program.


Jumping Joys Team